1940's-70's West Coast Football Programs

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1. 1935 Loyola vs Whittier Autographed Program. At Loyola (Gilmore Stadium). 16 pages. This program is autographed in pen and pencil by 35 players 
and coaches from the Loyola Lions highlighted by autographs of head coach Tom Lieb and African/American Al Duvall who was an All-American candidate. 
Tom Lieb was a 2 time All-American tackle at Notre Dame and was a bronze medalist in the discus at the 1924 Olympics. Al Duvall was 3rd team All-American 
which was amazing given the national social climate of the 1930's. The program is also autographed by Nestor Enrico, Marcel Saunders, John Vitalich, 
Boley Bigler, Eddie Race, George Schnieders, Jim Haggerty, Jack Esnard, Leo Foley, Jim Haggerty, Einar Klausen, Vince Lorenzen, Ray Briese, 
Andy Abels, Bill Rozier, Tom Wilson, Si Dallmeier, John "Jack" Dempsey, Dave Maxwell, Bill Ross, Bill Byrne, Pete Lubisich, Reno Galassi, George Snell, 
Jack Foley, Max Parrish, Joe Labozetta, Dom Nocerine, Gil Scott, Bill Magee, George Ratkovich plus 2 others. Loyola was a top national team 
and finished the 1935 season 6-5 against opponents such as Michigan State, UCLA, Texas Tech, Arizona, Arizona State, Utah, San Francisco, Santa Clara, 
San Diego State and were coming off 2 straight 7-2-1 seasons in 1933 and 1935. Al Duvall, Tom Lieb, Dominic Nocerine and Edward Race are all in the 
Loyola Marymount Athletic Hall of Fame. The program has two vertical folds and is otherwise in very nice condition. Ex+ $75

2. 1938 Centenary vs Loyola. At Centenary. 44 pages. The Centenary Gentlemen took their football very seriously sending numerous players to the NFL from the 
1920's-40's including Cal Hubbard, Buddy Parker, Conway Baker, Dixie Stokes, Jack Baldwin etc... Loyola Los Angeles did as well sending 
Richie Petitbon, Frank Sullivan & Bucky Moore to the NFL during the 1930's-50's. This is a very nice program printed on 
thick magizine stock paper. The cover spine is partially split and the back cover has tears. The center score page is missing. Vg/Ex $20

3. 1955 Compton College vs Stockton College. At Ramsaur Stadium. 16 pages. Very nice condition. Ex/Mt $15

4. 1956 El Camino College vs Los Angeles City College. At El Camino College. 20 pages. Very nice condition. Ex/Mt $15

5. 1964 San Jose State vs West Texas State. At West Texas. Outstanding condition. Ex/Mt+ $15

6. 1965 Washington State vs Arizona. At Spokane. Arizona has Bill Lueck etc.. WSU has Dave Middendorf etc.. Superb condition. Ex/Mt+ $25

7. 1970 Cal vs San Jose State. At Cal. Very nice condition. Cal has Sherm White, Isaac Curtis, Bob Darby, Dave Penhall etc.. San Jose State has Ivan Lippi, 
Dave Chaney, Tony Jackson etc.. Ex/Mt $25

8. 1972 Cal vs San Jose State. At Cal. Cal has Steve Bartkowski, Ray Wersching, Vince Ferragamo etc.. San Jose State has Craig Kimball. Nice condition. Ex/Mt $25

9. 1973 Cal vs San Jose State. At Cal. Cal has Steve Bartkowski, Ray Wersching, Chuck Muncie, Vince Ferragamo etc.. San Jose State has Craig Kimball, 
Larry Lloyd. Superb condition. Ex/Mt+ $25

10. 1976 New Mexico vs Arizona State. At ASU. ASU has Mark Gastineau and Mark Malone. Date written on cover. Very nice condition. Ex/Mt $15

11. 1982 Notre Dame vs Arizona. At Notre Dame. Notre Dame has Mike Gann, Mark Bavaro, Tony Hunter, Dave Duerson, Randy Ellis, Mike Golic, Allen Pinkett, 
Tom Thayer etc.. Arizona has Vance Johnson, Al Gross etc.. Superb condition. Ex/Mt+ $25

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