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Vintage Store Bats

1. 1920's-30's American League Bat, Hillerich & Bradsby 3095-4G. Very nice 34 inch bat circa the 1920's-30's. Has great labeling. The knob has a set of initials. Has a few light cleat marks. Has great wood and a great antique patina. Has a handle crack that was repaired with a couple of nails. Has light grain separation on the back of the barrel. 34" Ex+ $65 reserved

2. Hank Aaron, Wilson A1526. Has light but readable labeling. The knob has a piece of wood missing. The barrel has a few dings. A nice 28" little league bat. Vg+ $30

3. Eddie Mathews, Hillerich & Bradsby 125. Has light but readable labeling. The barrel has numerous dings on the side opposite the labeling. Has a nice knob. Has a taped handle crack. 35" Vg+ $35

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Mini Bats

1. Johnny Logan, Hillerich & Bradsby 125. A very nice 1950's bat. 18" Ex/Mt $25

2. Reggie Jackson, Hillerich & Bradsby 125. A very nice 1970's bat.16" Ex/Mt $20

3. Whitey Lockman, Hillerich & Bradsby 125. A very nice 1940's-50's bat with a couple of very small nicks on the barrel. 16" Ex/Mt $25

4. Bob Thomson, Adirondack 302. This bat was sawn in half with a flat back side and appears to have been affixed to a pennant or sign. Has beautifully etched in labeling. Nicely sawn. Near Mint condition. 8 1/2" $10

5. Forrest "Woody" Jensen, Hillerich & Bradsby 125. A beautiful and mysterious 22" bat. Has numerous signatures of the 1940 World Champion Cincinnati Reds on the bat which I do not think are authentic. The signatures were apparently made with gold calligraphy ink as there are blotter spots. Woody Jensen played his entire career with the Pittsburgh Pirates and retired in 1939 so this cannot be a factory World Series souvenir bat. Most signatures are nearly worn away. Visible or partially visible signatures include Bill Werber, Frank McCormick Mike McCormick, Morrie Arnovich, Ival Goodman, Bill Baker, Whitey Moore & Harry Craft. It is possible that some of, if not all of, these were "clubhouse" signatures which means they were done by a teams bat boy with the players blessings who wanted to beg off from the obligatory signings. The bat boys often became expert forgers and usually were compensated by the players in some way. This was decades before sports signatures had any monetary value, so the players felt no harm was done. The most obvious incorrect signature is Lou Riggs who went by Lew Riggs. An interesting bat from the 1930's nonetheless. Ex/Mt $35

6. 1950's St. Louis Cardinals Souvenir Bat, Adirondack 302S. Outstanding condition with very nice labeling and finish. Labeling dates bat to late 1950's. 18" Ex/Mt $25

7. 1950's Portland Beavers Souvenir Bat, Adirondack. 18 inch mini bat. Has light labeling. Wood has a nice antique patina. Ex+ $35

8. 1930's-40's Paola Indiana Mini Bat, Indiana Bat Co.. A very nice 1930's-40's bat. 12" Ex/Mt $15

Autographed mini bats are listed under Autographed Bats.

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Vintage Game Used Bats

1. Lloyd "Shaker" Moseby, 1983-85 Louisville Slugger P72. 15 on knob. Uncracked with lots of ball marks. Moseby won the Silver Slugger award in 1983 and was a mainstay in centerfield with the Toronto Blue Jays throughout the 1980's. Black ball marks would indicate this was used in spring training (American League ball marks were blue). Uncracked. 34" $65 sold

2. Mariano Duncan, 1991-97 Louisville Slugger L159. 7 on knob. Has grain separation on the barrel, otherwise uncracked. Used with the Philadelphia Phillies. Duncan was third in rookie of the year voting in 1985 with the Dodgers. He was an All-Star in 1994 with the Phillies and won World Championships with the Reds and Yankees in 1990 and 1996. 34" $65 sold

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Autographed Mini Bats

All autographed bats come with a Certificate of Authenticity.

1. Hillis Layne Autographed Mini Bat, mint 16 inch black mini bat autographed and noted in silver:."Washington Senators 1941-45", Seattle 1957-50", "1947 PCL Batting Champion" and "3/10/2005". Mint condition. Comes with a certificate of authenticity. RHT $50

2. Bill Werber Autographed Mini Bat, mint 11 inch Louisville Slugger 125 mini bat autographed nicely in blue Sharpie by 1930's-40's great Bill Werber. Comes with COA. Mint $50

3. Lonny Frey Autographed Mini Bat, mint 11 inch Louisville Slugger 125 mini bat autographed in black Sharpie. Frey played in Majors from 1933-48 playing in 3 World Series and 3 All-Star games. Comes with Certificate of Authenticity. Mint $50

4. Joe "Jo Jo" Moore Autographed Mini Bat, mint 11 inch Louisville Slugger 125 mini bat autographed nicely in black Sharpie by 1930's New York Giant star Joe "Jo Jo" Moore. More played in the 1933, 36 & 37 World Series and in 6 All-Star games. Comes with Certificate of Authenticity. Mint $50

5. Cecil Travis Autographed Mini Bat, mint 11 inch Louisville Slugger 125 mini bat autographed nicely in black Sharpie by 1930's Washington Senators star Cecil Travis. Comes with Certificate of Authenticity. Mint $50

6. Woody Jensen Autographed Mini Bat, mint 11 inch Louisville Slugger 125 mini bat autographed nicely in black Sharpie by 1930's Pittsburgh Pirates star Forrest "Woody" Jensen. Comes with COA. Mint $50

7. Willis Hudlin Autographed Mini Bat, mint 11 inch Louisville Slugger 125 mini bat autographed nicely in black Sharpie by the 1920's-30's Indians star pitcher. Comes with Certificate of Authenticity. Mint $50

8. Duane Pillette Autographed Mini Bat. A beautiful vintage Hillerich & Bradsby mini bat boldly autographed by Pillette. Duane is the son of Herm Pillette and was born in Detroit in 1922 the same year his father won 19 games for the Tigers. Duane pitched for 8 seasons in the majors (1949-56) with the Yankees, Browns, Orioles and Phillies. He won 10 games with the inagural Orioles team in 1954.. 16" Ex/Mt $30

9. Bobby Thomson Autographed Mini Bat, Adirondack 302. Thomson nicely autographed and noted: "Oct 3 1951" (The date of "The shot heard around the world"). 1950's style bat sawn in half length wise and once was glued to a pennant or something similar. Nicely etched in labeling. This half bat is in near mint condition. Comes with certificate of authenticity. 8 1/2" $30

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Equipment, Uniforms etc...

Vintage Catcher's Masks

1. 1910's Spiderman Style Catcher's Mask, Unknown manufacturer. A high quality adult size mask. The pads were wrapped with leather 80+ years ago. One of the buckles has been repaired. The pads have one hole. Nice overall condition. Ex+ $110

2. 1950's Catcher's Mask, George A. Reach. Excellent adult size mask with nice leather pads and head strap. The leather has scuffing and stains but no holes. Ex/Mt $55 sold

3. 1950's Catcher's Mask, Unknown manufactuer. Excellent adolescent size mask with nice leather pads, head strap & buckles. The chin pad has a name written on it. Ex/Mt $50

4. 1950's-60's Catcher's Mask, MacGregor. Very nice adult size mask. Resin mask with excellent pads, straps and buckles. Has a name written on the front. Has a nice cloth label. This style of MacGregor mask was used in the major leagues during the early 1960's. Ex/Mt $50

5. 1950's-60's Catcher's Mask, Unknown manufactuer. Excellent condition with nice head strap & vinyl pads. Ex/Mt $35

6. 1930's Eyeglass Protectors, unknown manufacturer. Adult size. Missing head strap. Light rust. Ex+ $25


Vintage Catcher's Chest Protectors and Shin Guards

1. 1930's Chest Protector. Unknown manufacturer. Nice adult size chest protector. The straps and buckles are in good shape. Has a few small stains and the binding has wear. Nice overall condition. Ex+ $110 sold

2. 1950's-60's Chest Protector, Nokona. Adolescent size. Nice leather pads. The waist strap is missing and there's a name written on one side. Nice labeling. Nice display item. Ex+ $40 sold

3. 1950's Shin Guards, MacGregor. Adult size shin guards. All the straps are present but several of the connectors are rusty and/or broken. One shin guard has 2 torn leather pads. Good for display. Vg $65


Vintage Baseball Uniforms and Jerseys

1. 1950's Baseball Uniform, Wilson. A nice adolescent size wool uniform. Has great red and blue piping and nice Wilson labels in the jersey and pants. Fantastic condition. The Jersey has no holes or tears and the pants have a couple of nicely done repairs on the knees. The jersey and pants are size large youth. Ex/Mt $50

2. 1950's-60's Baseball Jersey, Russell Southern Co. Nice cotton blend jersey, "Retail Clerks, Local 1439 AFL-CIO" team. Has sewn on letters and numbers. Medium youth size. Great condition. Ex/Mt $30


Vintage Baseball Cleats

1. 1940's Baseball Cleats. Spotbilt. These cleats were used by a former minor league pitcher who played from 1946-61. Excellent leather soles. The leather uppers are in nice condition. The toe tip of the left cleat has worn through. Size 10 1/2. Ex+ $75

2. 1930's Baseball Cleats. Wilson. The leather uppers are soft. The heels on both shoes have tears, holes and repairs. Excellent soles. Nice cloth label. Size 10. Vg $35

3. 1950's Baseball Cleats Pitcher's Toe Plate. Wilson. These toe plates were screwed on to the tip of the pitcher's cleat to protect it because pitchers drags their toe across the mound down from the pitcher's rubber after releasing the pitch. Mint $20


Vintage Umpire's Equipment

1950's-60's Umpire's Ball & Strike Counter, Everlast. Works perfectly. Outstanding condition. Import. Ex/Mt $20


Miscellaneous Baseball Equipment

1. 1940's-50's Sliding Pads, Wilson A3650. Little if any use. Adult size. Nice cloth label. Superb condition. Ex/Mt $40

2. 1960 Dick Groat & Pete Runnels Batting Practice Aid in Original Bag. First American Corp. Columbia, South Carolina. Comes with 14 inch long plastic twirling ball with bolt for center. The bag has a couple of tears around Dick Groats illustration. No instructions. Nice overall condition. Ex+ $25


Autographed Baseball Caps

1. Bobby Doerr Autographed Baseball Cap. Mint 100% cotton Boston Red Sox adjustable cap autographed on the brim in gold sharpie. Doerr also noted "HOF 86". Comes with certificate of authenticity. Mint $65


Vintage Baseball Equipment Catalogs and Pen Holders

Pen Holders Made From Game Used Bats. Beautifully crafted from actual 1990's-2000's game used major and minor league bats. Pen holders available are: 1. Akadema center logo pen/pencil holder in natural. 2. Akadema center logo pen/pencil holder in black. Both have felt covered bases. Outstanding craftsmanship. Great conversation pieces. $25 each

1938 Lawlors Sporting Goods Baseball Advertising Poster. 17x22 double sided advertising foldout poster. Has Rawlings & Wilson baseball gloves, mitts, baseballs, uniforms etc.. Has Riddell cleats, Hillerich & Bradsby bats etc.. Great graphics. Excellent condition. Ex/Mt $50

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Vintage Baseballs

1. 1910's-20's Red & Black Stitched Baseball. Nice example of a very early baseball with the small stitching indicative of pre 1920's baseballs. Has stains and one surface cut. Nice stitching. Ex+ $85 sold

2. 1940's-50's Ford Frick National League Baseball, Spalding. Near Mint condition. Has an unknown autograph on a side panel dated 1951. No stains, scuffs or discoloration. Superb condition. Ex/Mt+ $75

3. 1940's Ford Frick National League Baseball, Spalding. Nice Springfield College trophy ball. Springfield beat the University of New Hampshire 7-1. Has school names and score written on 2 panels. FWIW, Springfield College is where James Naismith invented basketball. Labeling is faint. A nice baseball. Ex+ $85

4. 1940's Baseball Mint in Box. MacGregor Goldsmith Official 97 League. Ball is near mint with an even cream color. has a couple of small spots. Comes with the original box. Superb. $55

5. 1940's Baseball. Unknown manufacturer. A very nice baseball with super tight stitching and a nice patina. All stitching is intact and no signifigant blemishes. Ex/Mt $35

6. 1940's Baseball. Tober "All-Star" Baseball. Made in Rockville, CT. Super bold labeling. Has faded youth or high school autographs on baseball. The ball has been shellacked. Overall excellent condition. Ex+ $40

7. 1940's-50's Pacific Coast League Baseball. Nice Wilson "Clarence Rowland" Pacific Coast League baseball. Shows game use and light staining. One panel has a small indentation and small surface cut. Rowand was the PCL president from 1944-54. Overall excellent condition. Ex+ $75

8. 1950's American Association Baseball. Nice game used ball signed by Bob Hale. Ex+ $50

9. 1950's American Association Baseball in Original Box. Very nice unused Edward Doherty president (1953-59) American Association baseball in it's original box. Ball has some toning/browning but is otherwise superb. The box is flawless. Ex/Mt+ $95

10. 1950's Baseball in Box. Wilson A1065 Colt League baseball. The Colt League was in operation from 1953-58, so it's easy to date this baseball. The ball is near mint, the box is missing one flap on the bottom. $35

11. 1950's Baseball in Box. Sportfair Valley Stream Official Mail League baseball. The Valley Stream Mail League began in the 1940's and continues today in southern Long Island. The ball is mint, the box has light wear. Superb. $45 sold

12. 1950's Baseball in Box. Wilson Youth League baseball. Superb near mint baseball circa the mid 1950's. The box is missing a flap on the bottom and has lots of wear. $30 sold

13. 1950's Baseball Mint in Box. MacGregor BP7 Regulation League. Ball & box are in superb condition. $45

14. 1950's Baseball in Box. Ardsley Official League baseball. The ball has a faded autograph and ink markings. The box has a repaired tear. Nice otherwise. Ex/Mt. $25

15. 1950's Baseball. Unknown manufacturer. A nice baseball with nice tight stitching. All stitching is intact. Has a few scuffs. Ex+ $20

16. 1950's Baseball. Monarch JB10. Superb Regulation League ball. Unused. Ex/Mt+ $30

17. 1950's Baseball. MacGregor 97. Nice labeling. Has youth or high school autographs on baseball. Excellent condition. Ex+ $30

18. 1952 Southern Association Baseball. MacGregor Goldsmith 97. Bold labeling. Originally a 1952 Birmingham Barons team signed baseball however all of the signatures have completely faded. Ball has spotting. Great labeling. Ex+ $40

19. 1960's Joe Cronin American League Baseball, Reach. Nice game used ball with light labeling. Has light scuffing and marks. Ex+ $55

20. 1960's International League Baseball. George Sisler Jr. President. Game used. Nice condition with ball marks and stains on 2 panels. Ex+ $40

21. Mint 1960's Jack Fisher "Warm-Up" Baseball, Hollander JF-20. This is a mint heavy rubberized baseball made for warming up one's arm. Fisher played 4 seasons with the Mets, 4 seasons with the Orioles and one season each with the Giants, Reds and White Sox during the 1950's and 60's. During his 4 seasons with the Mets he averaged nearly 20 losses each season (24 losses in 1965). But even the year he lost 24 games he had fewer hits allowed than innings pitched and had an excellent strike out to walk ratio, giving further evidence to the old addage that you have to be a good pitcher to lose 20 games. This baseball is a unique item. Mint $20

22. 1960's Little League Team Baseball. Official League baseball with team members names written on ball. Nice display. Nr/Mt $20

23. 1960's Mickey Mantle All-Star Baseball, Rawlings AB. Has facsimile signatures of Mickey Mantle on the sweet spot as well as Brooks Robinson, Willie Stargell, Billy Williams, Tim McCarver, Tony Conigliaro, Rick Reichardt and Jim Lefebvre. Superb condition. Nr/Mt $50 sold

24. 1961 University of Nebraska vs University of Oklahoma NCAA Game Ball. MacGregor 97. Game ball notated by game umpire Merlin Gardner with date, scores, and pitchers of record for both games of double header. Nebraska swept both games. Pitcher Jan Wall who won both games had a couple of good years in the minor leagues. Ex/Mt+ $40

25. 1968 Little League Team Baseball. Worth. Presentation ball to the coach with team record. Ex/Mt+ $20

26. 1960's-70's Baseball. Rawlings PBL. A very nice unused Pony League baseball.Ex/Mt+ $25

27. 1970's Lee MacPhail American League Baseball, Rawlings. Nice game used baseball with bold labeling and a few scuffs. Ex+ $35

28. 1970's Lee MacPhail American League Baseball, Rawlings. Has unknown autograph on side panel. Ball has bold labeling and nice even toning. Ex+ $30

29. 1970's Charles Feeney National League Baseball. Spalding. Very nice pre 1973 gamer. Nice toning, nice labeling. Ex/Mt $45

30. 1970's-80's Charles Feeney National League Baseball. Rawlings. Light game use. Very nice condition Ex+ $35

31. 1970's-80's Charles Feeney National League Baseball. Rawlings. Light spotting, very nice condition otherwise. Ex+ $30

32. 1980's-90's Wilson A1010 Baseball, Nice pro quality baseball. Ex+ $10

33. 1980's-90's Bill White National League Baseball in Box. Ball has light toning and a faded autograph, otherwise ball and box are in nice condition. Ex+ $15

34. 1980's-90's Bobby Brown American League Baseball in Box. Game used ball. Bold labeling. Ex+ $15

35. 1980's-90's Bobby Brown American League Baseball. Game used baseball. Has bold labeling. Ex+ $10

36. 1993 World Series Baseball Baseball, Rawlings. Ball has spots of light toning, otherwise Nr/Mt $15

37. 1995 Cal Ripken American League Commemorative Baseball. In original box. Mint condition. $20

38. 1997 Jackie Robinson American League Commemorative Baseball. Nice condition with spots of toning or browning. Ex+ $15


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Vintage Softball Equipment and Memorabilia

1. 1950's MacGregor Softball. MacGregor 400. An unused softball in great condition. Has an "Archdiocese of Washington CYO" stamp on one side. Has a "second" stamp on another panel. Mint condition. $25

2. 1945 Wheaties "Want to be a Softball Champion?" Booklet by Ty Gleason & Arnie Simso, Superb condition. Measures 5x7 inches. Has 30 pages filled with photos, articles and diagrams from Minnesota softball stars Ty Gleason and Arnie Simso.. Ex/Mt+ $10

3. 2006 "King and His Court" Softball Autographed by Eddie Feigner, Jack Knight, Rich Hoppe and Jason Fisher. Mint Dudley softball autographed by the legendary team in 2006, Feigner's last year as an active player. Two other unknown team members signed the ball as well. Comes with certificate of authenticity. Mint $75

4. 1937 Softball Equpment Flyer/Advertisement.11x17 unfolded. Has Louisville Slugger bats, Converse high top softball shoes, Wilson gloves & softballs and uniforms on the reverse side. Nice condition. Ex/Mt $25

5. 1956 MacGregor Softball Rule Book. 16 page booklet. Has equipment ad inside the front cover. No back cover, otherwise nice condition. Vg+ $10

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