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1940's-50's Pacific Coast League Baseball Cards


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1947 Remar Baking

Mel Duezabou, Vg/Ex $10

Tom Hafey, Ex+ $10

Les Scarsella, Vg+ $10


1947 Centennial Flour

Jo Jo White, 2 tack holes, Good $10


1947 Signal Oil

Mickey Burnett, Ex/Mt+ $18

Mickey Burnett, Vg $12

Charles "Sheriff" Gassaway, Vg/Ex+ $15

Tom Hafey, Ex+ $18

Brooks Holder, F/g+ $10

Gene Lillard, Ex/Mt $20

Gene Lillard, Vg $12

Dario Lodigiani, Ex $20

Dario Lodigiani, G/Vg $12

Hershel Martin, Vg/Ex+ $15

Cotton Pippen, Vg/Ex+ $20

Bill Raimondi, Ex $20

Tony Sabol, Ex+ $15

Floyd Speer, Ex/Mt+ $18

Lou Stringer, Autographed, Ex/Mt $30


1948 Signal Oil Oakland Oaks

Johnny Babich, tape residue, creases, F/g $4

Merrill Combs, tape residue, tack hole, nicely autographed, F/g $25

Mel Duezabou, tape residue, tiny tack hole, F/g $4

Nick Etten, tape residue, tiny tack hole, F/g $6

Charles "Sheriff" Gassaway, tape damage/stains, tiny tack hole, F/g $4

Earl Jones, tape residue, G+ $7

Cookie Lavagetto, creases, G/Vg- $12

Dario Lodigiani, tape residue, tack hole, Good $6

Bill Raimondi, tape residue, creases, beautifully autographed, F/g $25

Floyd Vernie Speer, tape residue, tiny tack hole, G $5

Maurice Van Robays, tape residue, G+ $7


1948 Smith's Oakland Oaks

Maurice Van Robays, tape residue, G/Vg $8


1949 Remar Baking

Loyd Christopher, Ex $10

George Metkovich, Vg $10

Bill Raimondi, Ex/Mt $18

Bill Raimondi, Autographed, Ex/Mt $35

Maurice Van Robays, Vg/Ex $10


1950 Remar Baking

Billy Herman, Ex+ $25

Earl Rapp, Vg $12


1953 San Francisco Seals Team Issue

Harland B. Clift, Autographed, Ex/Mt $30


1953 Mothers Cookies

Bill Raimondi, Autographed, Ex+ $45


All autographed cards are guaranteed authentic and come with a certificate of authenticity.


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