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1948 Leaf

Fred Davis, Bears, Ex $20

John Nolan, Boston Yanks, Ex+ $15

1951 Bowman

Jack Cloud, Packers, Vg $9

Robert Nussbaumer, Chicago Cardinals, Ex $10

Clyde Scott, Eagles, Vg $9

Vic Sears, Eagles, Vg $12

Emil Sitko, Chicago Cardinals, G/Vg $7

Gordie Soltau, 49'ers, Vg $12

Joe Watson, Lions, Ex $10

1955 Bowman

Dave Hanner, Packers, Ex $7

Bobby Walston, Eagles, Vg+ $9

1957 Topps

Dick Bielski, Eagles, Vg/Ex+ $3

Zeke Bratkowski, Bears, Ex+ $5

Harlon Hill, Bears, G/Vg+ $3

Kyle Rote, Giants, Ex/Mt $6

Bob St. Claire, 49'ers, Ex $5

Norn Van Brocklin, Rams, Vg/Ex+ $7

1959 Topps

Chuck Ulrich, Eagles, Ex+ $2

1961 Topps

Rick Casares, Bears, Ex+ $3

1961 Fleer

Dave Middleton, Vikings, Ex/Mt $3

1963 Topps

Zeke Bratkowski, Rams, Ex/Mt $3

Bill Forester, Packers, Ex+ $3

Hank Jordan, Packers, Ex/Mt $3

Ron Kramer, Packers, Ex/Mt $8

Tommy Mason, Vikings, Ex+ $3

Hugh McElhenny, Vikings, Ex/Mt $5

1964 Philadelphia

Doug Atkins, Bears, Ex+ $3

Cornell Green, Cowboys, Ex+ $3

Forrest Gregg, Packers, Vg $4

Sam Huff, Redskins, Ex/Mt $3

Ron Kramer, Packers, Ex/Mt $7

Gino Marchetti, Colts, Vg+ $6

Tom Matte, Colts, Ex/Mt $2

Tommy McDonald, Cowboys, Ex+ $3

Bobby Mitchell, Redskins, Ex/Mt $10

Jim Parker, Colts, Ex+ $3

Jim Ringo, Packers, Ex/Mt+ $6

1965 Philadelphia

Rudy Bukich, Bears, Ex/Mt $2

Bob Vogel, Colts, Ex/Mt $3

1971 Topps

Greg Landry, Lions, Vg $3

Bubba Smith, Colts, Ex/Mt $5

1974 Topps

Forrest Blue, 49ers, Ex+ $3

Dan Dierdorf, 2nd year, Cardinals, Ex/Mt $5

Chuck Foreman, Vikings, Ex+ $5

Gary Garrison, Chargers, Ex+ $2

John Hadl, Rams, Vg/Ex $3

Bob Hayes, Cowboys, Ex/Mt $4

Calvin Hill, Cowboys, Ex+ $5

Winston Hill, Jets, Ex/Mt $5

Roy Jefferson, Redskins, Ex/Mt $3

Billy Kilmer, Redskins, Ex $4

MacArthur Lane, Packers, Ex+ $3

Tom Mack, Rams, Ex+ $4

Jim Mitchell, Falcons, Ex+ $3

John Niland, Cowboys, Vg/Ex $2

Frank Pitts, Browns, Ex/Mt $3

Ed Podolak, Chiefs, Ex/Mt $3

Greg Pruitt, Browns, Ex+ $4

Jerry Smith, Redskins, Ex $3

Norm Snead, Giants, Vg/Ex $3

Jack Snow, Rams, Ex/Mt $4

Gene Upshaw, Raiders, Ex $3

Gene Washington, 49ers, Ex $4

Gene Washington, Broncos, Ex/Mt $3

Ken Willard, 49ers, Ex+ $3

Rayfield Wright, Cowboys, Vg+ $3

1982 Topps

Ahmad Rashad, Vikings, Ex+ $3

Joe Montana, 49ers, Passing Leaders, Vg+ $4

1983 Topps

Jeff Bostic, Redskins, Ex+ $2

Rob Carpenter, Giants, Ex/Mt $2

Isaac Curtis, Bengals, Ex/Mt $2

Franco Harris, Steelers, Ex+ $4

Mike Haynes, Patriots, Ex/Mt $3

Steve Largent, Seahawks, Ex/Mt $4

Art Monk, Redskins, Ex/Mt $4

Joe Montana, 49'ers, Ex/Mt $10

Joe Montana, 49ers, sticker card, Vg+ $4

Le Roy Selmon, Buccaneers, Ex/Mt $3

1984 Topps

Willie Gault, Bears, rookie, Ex/Mt+ $5

1985 Topps

Warren Moon, Oilers, rookie, Nr/Mt $20

1987 Topps

Jerry Rice, 49'ers, second year, Ex/Mt+ $12

1988 Topps

Jim Everett, Rams, 2nd year, Ex/Mt+ $2

Christian Okoye, Chiefs, rookie, Ex/Mt+ $4

Vinnie Testaverde, Buccaneers, rookie, Ex/Mt+ $5

1989 Topps

Eric Allen, Eagles, rookie, Ex/Mt+ $5

Brian Blades, Seahawks, rookie, Ex/Mt+ $5

John Elway, Broncos, Ex/Mt+ $3

Lawrence Taylor, Giants, Ex/Mt+ $3

1989 Score

Keith Jackson, Eagles, rookie, Nr/Mt+ $5

1989 Pro-Set

Deion Sanders, Falcons, rookie, Ex/Mt+ $6

1990 Pro-Set

Barry Sanders, Lions, rookie, Nr/Mt+ $8

1991 Topps Stadium Club

Jeff Graham, Chiefs, rookie, Mint $4

Michael Irvin, Cowboys, Nr/Mt+ $3

Bo Jackson, Raiders, Nr/Mt+ $4

Emmitt Smith, Cowboys, rookie, Nr/Mt+ $15

Derrick Thomas, Chiefs, Nr/Mt+ $3

Thurman Thomas, Bills Nr/Mt+ $3.

1991 Topps Stadium Club, Members Only

Barry Sanders, Mint $6

Emmitt Smith, Mint $8

Lawrence Taylor, Charter Member, Mint $4

1991 Upper Deck

Emmitt Smith, Cowboys, Game Changer 3-D, Ex/Mt $5

1991 Classic

Brett Favre, Packers, rookie, Mint $8

Jeff Graham, Chiefs, rookie, Mint $4

Ricky Watters, 49ers, rookie, Mint $6


Grading: Mint is perfect, Near Mint (Nr/Mt) is almost perfect, Ex/Mt is a nice card with very light corner wear, Ex is a nice card with moderate corner wear, Vg is a nice card with rounded corners and/or light to moderate creases, G/Vg has scuffs, creases etc.. Fair has heavy creases, tack holes etc.. In between grades have characteristics of both grades.

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