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Autographed 1950's Baseball Cards

All autographs are guaranteed authentic and come with Certificate of Authenticity.

Cards are listed chronologically and alphabetically

1949 Bowman Color
Lou Stringer, Ex+ $20 sold

1950 Bowman 
Steve Gromek, Ex+ $22
Pete Suder, Vg+ $22

1951 Bowman 
Sam Chapman, Ex+ $25 sold

1952 Red Man Tobacco 
(without tabs)
Larry Jansen, Vg $20
Eddie Joost, Ex $20
Billy Pierce, Vg+ $15
Gus Zernial, Vg $20

1953 Red Man Tobacco 
(without tabs)
Eddie Joost, Ex $20
Enos Slaughter, Vg/Ex+ $35
Gus Zernial, G/Vg $15

1954 Red Man Tobacco 
(without tabs)
Johnny Antonelli, Vg+ $18
Billy Pierce, Gd $12

1955 Red Man Tobacco 
(without tabs)
Don Mueller, Vg $20

1954 Bowman 
Larry Jansen, Vg+ $18

1954 Topps 
Larry Jansen, Vg/Ex+ $20 

1955 Bowman 
Steve Gromek, Ex+ $20
Vern Law, Vg $12
1955 Topps 
Ferris Fain, Vg/Ex+ $20
Gus Zernial, Ex+ $20

Joe Astroth, Ex/Mt $14
Walker Cooper, Ex/Mt $30
Billy Pierce, Ex $14
Jim Rivera, Vg/Ex $8
Roy Sievers, Vg+ $12

Virgil Trucks, Ex+ $18
Eddie Yost, Vg/Ex+ $16

Ray Boone, Ex $18
Billy Gardner, back damage, Good $7
Jack Harshman, Vg/Ex $7
Ray Herbert, Ex $8
Dave Hillman, Ex $7
Hobie Landrith, "San Francisco" written 
on front border, otherwise Ex/Mt $7
Billy Moran, Ex $7
Billy O'Dell, G/Vg $7
Dick Williams, "Kansas City" written 
on front border, otherwise Ex/Mt $12

Roy Face, Vg/Ex+ $9
Bob Friend, #569 Vg+ $10
Ray Herbert, Ex+ $10
Billy Hoeft, Vg+ $15
Frank Malzone, Vg/Ex+ $10
Billy O'Dell, Vg/Ex $9
Billy Pierce, Ex/Mt $18
Roy Sievers, Ex+ $12
Bill Virdon, Ex+ $9

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Grading: Mint is perfect, Near Mint (Nr/Mt) is almost perfect, Ex/Mt is a nice card with very light corner wear, Ex is a nice card with moderate corner wear, Vg is a nice card with rounded corners and/or light to moderate creases, G/Vg has scuffs, moderate to heavy creases etc.. Fair has heavy creases, tack holes etc.. In between grades have characteristics of both grades.
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