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Red Badgro. Played with Seattle in 1933 and St. Louis Browns in 1929-30. NFL Hall of Famer. Sharpie signature. Noted HOF. d. 1998 $15

Maywood Belcher. Played with Sacramento in 1936. Played with Rochester in 1935. Played with Asheville (Peidmont League) for 4 seasons, winning 20 games in 1937. Pencil signature. d. 2001 $25

Fern "Danny" Bell. Played with Hollywood, Oakland and LA from 1934-43. Played with Pittsburgh Pirates in 1939-40. Large bold pencil signature. Very reclusive after playing career. d. 2000 $25

Henry Bonetti. Played with Seattle from 1935-38. Pencil signature. d. 1989 $25

Larry Dihel. Played with Portland in 1930, his final year in pro ball. Fountain pen signature. $25

Charlie Falk. Played with Seattle from 1929-31. I believe he's Bibb Falk's brother. Bold pencil signature. d. 1973 $30

Elbert "Al" Fisch. Played with Seattle and Oakland from 1929-34. Bold pencil signature. d. 1963 $45

Denny Galehouse. Played with Seattle in 1949-50. Pitched 15 years in big leagues. d. 1998. $15

Jack Glynn. Led PCL in at bats and triples with Oakland in 1936. Bold pencil signature. d. 1974 $25

Andy Harrington. Long time minor leaguer played 2nd base with Seattle in 1934-35. Batted .299 with 100 runs in 1934. Played with New Orleans 1929-33. Played in Pacific Northwest last 7 years of career. Pencil signature. d. 1979. $25

Lee Head. Played with Sacramento in 1936. Played over 20 years in minor leagues. Enjoyed successful stints with Montreal (1928-32) and Knoxville (1932-35). Played 4 decades in minor leagues (1910's-40's). Pencil signature. d. 1965. $35

Ad Liska. $20

Emil Mailho. $20

Eddie Mayo. $20

Herman Michael. Played with Seattle from 1934-38. Batted .319 in 1935. Pencil signature. d. 1958 $45

Frank Morehouse. Played with Sacramento and Hollywood from 1936-40. Pencil signature. d. 1981 $25

Steve Peek. $15

Homer Peel. $15

Ben Sankey. $15

George Selig. $15

Irv Stein. $10

Bob Sturgeon. $10

Jim Turner. $15

Bob Usher. $10

Edo Vanni. $15

Al Vermeer. 1940's Bay area sports cartoonist. $20

Max West. $15

Aldon Wilkie. $15

Cy Williams. Personalized and noted "Detroit scout". d. 2008 $25

Dewey Williams. $15

Zeke Zarilla. $15

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