Sports Artifacts Appraisals

The Sports Artifacts library is filled with reference and price books for thousands of vintage sports items. We are happy to share this information at no cost.

We ask for the following courtesies:

Please make your appraisal request by email rather than phone. We will try to answer your email within 2 days. You are welcome to attach a photo (under 1 MB please).

1 or 2 items only. For more than 2 items we recommend the Krause Standard Catalog of Sports Memorabilia Price Guide which is the most complete price guide available and is the industry standard. Sports Artifacts owner Kevin Johnson was an expert contributor to several categories in this price guide.

The free appraisals we offer are our opinion only and are not legally acceptable for insurance purposes etc... For this you need the paid services of a certified appraiser which we are not.

Sports Artifacts specializes in vintage items and generally we do not have price guides for items newer than 1980.

Our email address is: appraisals@sportsartifacts.com

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